To Quill the Mocking World


प्रसांत कुमार
(3 मिनट )

कुछ वादे किये तो थे तुमने
पर अहमियत उनकी शायद जेहन में न थी
यहाँ तो साँसे ही रुक गयी है कबसे

क्या तुम वापस आओगी?

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Golds of Love

By Prasant Kumar

(3-minute read)

There are small pleasures in life. And pardon oneself, if one wants to delve into them – it is not a sin.

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The Genesis of Religion Part-2

By Prasant Kumar.

Then one single Tulsi leaf was put on the other balance, and lo and behold! Krishna’s plate moved up rapidly. Tulsi just became heavier than the supreme lord and hence much more potent too!

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The Genesis of Religion

By Prasant Kumar.

You could find inklings of capitalist economies in the merchant civilizations of Phoenicia, or a democratic society in Greece, autocratic/despotic in the Mayan, monarchy in Indian kingdoms, and various forms of oligarchy such as – Meritocracy in China; Plutocracy in Greece and Rome

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The Elephant Celebes

By Prasant Kumar

Below the review of The Elephant Celebes –an epitome of Surrealist paintings is given verbatim. It fetched the highest marks in a course on Visual Communication and Judgment of Art

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By Prasant Kumar.

Once born, city breathes on its own. It is like a sapling. First it needs tender diligent care in early years but later on when fully grown it nurtures itself and its symbiotic denizens solicitously.

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