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How Soulgasm Works

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Sketch by Pallavi Khare

How Soulgasm works

Soulgasm is a platform for budding writers to share or showcase their work with readers on online media. Every activity on Soulgasm is voluntarily done. We don’t earn. We don’t pay.

Platform for writers

We invite authors to share their stories, articles, and poems in English and Hindi with us. We also invite theme based photography collections and sketches. We receive a lot of submissions everyday but stick to publishing a limited number of posts every Saturday. Our editorial team selects posts which are fresh, different, interesting, and most importantly straight from the heart (We are no experts and just like you, we are also amateur writers. But we follow our discretion nevertheless, which is obviously subjective).

We believe that authors/creators have complete right over what they want to convey. Hence, we do not tamper with your original work and let it stay in its beautiful raw form. We only take editing liberty in case of grammatical errors (accidental, we would hope!)

Platform for readers

We believe in presenting a buffet of thoughts and ideas. Different readers have different preferences and attention spans, and we attempt to cater to them all. Unrestricted by genre, opinion, or format, we publish pretty much everything that can be read! Take in what you enjoy. Soulgasm for your Soul!

Write with us!

If you can’t resist scribbling your thoughts

If you are overflowing with emotions ready to burst out

If the world is lovely, people are awesome and you love your life!

Or if the world is a circus, people are weird and life is strange

If something bothers you

Or something excites you

Or something ……. just comes to your mind and you feel like sharing,

Then type it, send it to and you can be our Guest Author! Guest authors can become core team authors based on consistency of writing.

You just need a 15 minute break to write!

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