To Quill the Mocking World

Team: Assorted Nuts


Snehil Basoya


A wanderer, searching for answers, breathing on imagination, feeding on expression.

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Chanda Lalwani

Soulgasm (1)

A compulsive nocturnal, Chanda is a consultant by day and a dreamer by night. Her happiness lies in chai, chitchat and chicken momos. She resorts to food for comfort, sings for joy, and occasionally acts for her fix of the stage lights. Loves watching and absorbing the world around her. And when these observations become too strong to be housed inside, she writes.

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Creative Team

Krittika Adhikary

KA-for soulgasm

Krittika  cannot think of a time when she did not like to create stories. From handwritten “books” involving anthropomorphic animals at five, to imitations of Tolkien at fifteen, to metaphorical unrhymed poems about soul-break on WordPress blogs at twenty-five –  one is never too old, or too young, to play with words. She has a shameless post-colonial hangover – worships Shakespeare, adores the Victorians and thinks Yeats is God’s gift to earth – yet nurses a soft spot for Indian writing in English as well. She’s also a sometime quizzer with over 15+ years of experience in screaming “Woooohooo !!” and “Oh, just missed it” and “Yaaaar!

As for the rest of her life, she has long since made peace with the fact that she will be “flying back and forth between one mutually exclusive thing to another for the rest of her days.”  You can find more of her writing (both prose and poetry) here on her personal blog.

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Mani Mahesh Garg


Just another soul floating around, like electrons at various energy levels.

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Sayantani Saha


Her academic profession provides her with a living but her passion for writing feeds her soul. An experimentalist in both the worlds – engineering research and writing articles – she is a fanatic for love but proud to be emotionally intelligent as well. She is a coffee-addict, sapio-sexual, movie buff, and a true Bong who specializes in night-outs. Shopping and Sayantani are first cousins. Philosophical discussions drive her forward and the emotional outbursts let the ink flow.

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Somya Tewari


Apart from having curly hair, Somya is almost always utterly amused by common things. She is a – potty door – artist, a – last page of diary – scribbler, a – inside a crowded bus – reader. She is the writer you will find next door who loves how these next doors are so essential and primary to our existence. She loves questions more than answers, and variables more than constants. She writes to pull off what she can’t attain physically and if it makes sense to you, you’ve pulled it off too!

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Aayushi Singhal


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Aditi Mishra


Hailing from the beautiful valley of Dehradun and having been raised in Kerala, Aditi has been lucky to see lot of cultures. Poetry has always been her favourite way to express herself. Studying to be an Engineer in Thapar University, Patiala, her hearts lies in Poetry, literature and physics. She is still struggling to find her way through life!

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Ankur Gupta


Ankur loves discussing about life in general and has a strong interest in spiritual philosophies. Currently doing PhD from MIT with a hope to leave an impact on scientific community. He has 48 hours a day. In the other 24, he enjoys watching movies, TV series, likes to run and play Table Tennis.

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Charu Mehta


Currently pursuing PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology at University of Wisconsin-Madison.
3 parts science,
2 parts dreams,
1 part wild air,
0.5, funny genes.
Here to have some unsung melodies bleed through my pen. Also, launched a war against my questionable time management skills.
tl;dr: Hope. Love.

Divya Soni


After having a close relationship with various art forms, he finally fell in love with poetry. As a budding poet, he tries to experiment with different styles and feelings. He wishes to write a full poetic play of his own one day, and is always ready to work when it comes to poems. Don’t show him your work, he is a very blunt critic.

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Himanshu Geed


The man who gave the name ‘Soulgasm’ to this blog. A trying writer, wanna-be wise, chemical engineer & management grad by education, used to be an entrepreneur, waiting for his Soulgasm.

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Honeish Batra


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Ipshita Saha


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Jane Roe


You can reach Jane at She is usually a chatty person, and pretty much responds to emails instantly, unless of course she’s busy making things up for her next post or is dragged down by mundane chores.

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Marianne Esders


Marianne Esders, poet and painter at heart, grew up in a remote village called Ostrhauderfehn in East Frisia, Germany. Studied International Business and European Politics in Nijmegen (Netherlands), Liverpool (UK) and Hamburg (Germany). Then worked in various projects related to Sustainability Management and Grassroots Innovation among others for the European Commission and for SRISTI, an NGO located in Ahmedabad, India. After having spent three years on learning from people at the grassroots level in remote parts of India, she currently resides in Lueneburg, Germany, where she teaches German to Syrian refugees. She is working on a graphic novel and preparing for the entrance exam to study Illustration and Graphic Design in Hamburg.

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Neeraj Kalra


A globe trotter, a brisk biophilic and a wanderer by choice,making memories and penning them down is what he is best at. He believes that life’s little anecdotes are worth sharing.

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Samarth Bharani


In his own words, “I’ve always imagined that the best way to get to know someone was to look at their art, to read their work or to listen intently to their music. Indeed, doing so is sort of peering at the artist’s very soul. There is very little I can tell you about myself that my work will not tell you anyway 🙂 However, I do enjoy cooking, coding and writing.”

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Shantanu Jain


A wanderer and teetotaler by choice (what an irony!), Shantanu finds solace in colors and words. He is mad about IISc, his post grad college and teaching. Hindi is what he feels most associated with , the credit of which he gives to “her”.

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Surabhi Yadav


Tree Hugger. Truly a chai person. Pulling off a ‘being-a-researcher’ swag nowadays. John Lennon’s inspiration to write Imagine. An aspiring Yogi.

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(few more authors are yet to be updated on this page)




One comment on “Team: Assorted Nuts

  1. Awaneesh Shukla
    April 16, 2016

    aloha!!! want to be a offender in the culprits team, and write badass write ups.
    the description says that , i can be a core member depending on my frequency of posting. so what exactly is that frequency and what i gota do to be on of you guys…..and gals.. 🙂
    ( BITS Pilani )


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