To Quill the Mocking World

About Us: To Quill a Mocking World!

Photography: Shaili Yadav

Photography: Shaili Yadav

We are Soulgasm.

We could have been the Salted Khichdi, Masala Chai or the Spice Jars. Naked Voices, Syaahi ka Saawan or Chalte Chalte. Tinted Windows, Magic Mushrooms, The Spoken Word or People of Earth. Or Ink-lab, or te-quill-a, or Hyper-ink, or if more lameness was allowed, even 50 Shades of Black and White.

But alas, we are Soulgasm.

We began with a team of part-time hobby writers from IIM Ahmedabad and IIT Delhi in April 2015, with a desire to explore the beauty of creative amalgamation. The idea was to have unbiased, honest, and unrestrained flow of thoughts and imagination on a single platform that we call a ‘blog’. Since then, our family has expanded, thanks to the enthusiasm of our wonderful contributors from various backgrounds and interests.

We are merely a bunch of ordinary abnormal people who love to observe, think and write. A case of unguided curiosity, we get our high from metaphors and similies. And we want to take you with us on this soulgasmic rainbow, in pursuit of that elusive pot of elvish gold.

We are Soulgasm. Quilling the mocking world, one post at a time.

….. And we’re not that vulgar.

Click here to know more about How Soulgasm Works.

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