To Quill the Mocking World


Rakesh Chavan
(3 min read)


A broken heart and a broken soul, no matter how sad it may seem, just wants to remind us that we are people indeed. Some say we can’t be happy anymore and some say we can always be happy, irrespective of the influences on us.  But does it really work that way? For everyone  has someone in their life, someone they treasure, someone they hate, someone they love, someone they fear.. No matter the reasons, the mind is filled with lingering thoughts of these people. Some people come closer, some drift further,  some we push away, some push us away. The reasons may seem important, for it is the reasons that keep us sane. But no matter what the reasons say, things are what they are.  Time carries those close to us away on waves too small to notice when in the ocean, but vicious enough to drown us on reaching the shore. Chairs become empty, blankets become bigger, but the heart becomes smaller.
One question which we may ask is can we really be tied down to a few?
Happiness may be decided only by a few people but can we really be unhappy forever and ever if those few people are not there? Do we ever move on or is it something we say just to make us feel better?
May be a different question is do we really want to move on?
Relationships can be glimmering rays of happiness or be forged by the heart of sadness. But it is those people who are at the center of it all.
So many questions we could ask, most of which I have no answer to, but this I may say..
No matter what the truth is, the hurt caused is still real. Let time heal those wounds which can’t be seen, let us be freed from this prison without walls, let these shackles which make no noise be broken, let the world reflect what we see and not what we think we see.

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Rakesh Chavan is a Guest Author at Soulgasm.

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One comment on “People

  1. Shantanu Jain
    January 6, 2017

    this is so beautiful, Rakesh. Why didn’t I read it earlier?

    something which can be read, and read, and read…….marvellous!

    Keep writing, keep sharing. 🙂


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