To Quill the Mocking World


Vishala Rao
(3 min read)


so she says she is a closet writer..
her phone screen displays a weather
of forlorn hills and misty clouds..
her wings are tied but her soul bounds

she was the girl who i once loved
who loved me back..
her yesteryear..i am…
now a rusted cycle and a dusty book rack

i saw her watching shadows for hours..
dancing twigs and flickering fireflies and night stars
she would love the puddles and the paper boat
and lick the raindrops dripping from her raincoat

sometimes she made funny faces in the mirror..
sometimes she blew kisses in the air
other days, collected the cobblestones and counted streetlamps
her frocks were all yellow and danced with a buoyant flair

she sipped the tip of her pen..
while fingers were lost in her gypsy hair
she dreamt of the beautiful places and hills
and wrote poems of the far off islands and windmills

i, the yesteryear, am somewhere in the gossamers of her mind
she comes there once in a while to rewind
there she dusts off the book rack as the moon wanes
runs her fingers over the half written poems and coffee stains

puzzled, she sighs for our lost love..
of the bygones times and forgotten dreams
all she has are lego bricks pieces that she puts on herself
and looks bravely in the mirror that screams

coming of age, she figures out a way to find a new way
searching for something that could behold her
with the same spell
like the one i had…but oh well!

Picture Credits

Vishala is a Guest author at Soulgasm.

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4 comments on “Yesteryear

  1. Shantanu Jain
    December 16, 2016

    How beautifully you, as a yesteryear, have captured the intricacies of your subject so much so that an average reader like me wonders that it’s not just the pure imagination but your honest life as well which may be right or otherwise!


    • Vishala Rao
      December 18, 2016

      thanks Shantanu 🙂 imagination is the brush stroke of our experiences and whims…you are right! 🙂


  2. deepakponders
    December 17, 2016

    ‘she sipped the tip of her pen..’


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