To Quill the Mocking World

The Dirty Affair

Divyanshi Sumrav
(3 min read)


Like some dehydrated coffee in the mug right beside me on that single layered filth, I lay seared.

For two awful days.

The ghastly smell surviving in the aura, making me rich in its odor.

The dull bed cover was looking for some embrace, the chemical one.

And the coverlet covering some of my dead senses.

Ahh, the unclothed ones remain unclothed still!

The window was flawless.

Just that little bug crawling there adding to its peace.

Desktop screen shining.

Dim light shining little less.

Cell phone signaling .Its liquor  coming to an end.

It was not the Sunday sun outside .

Just some star flickering as usual in the broad daylight

The unfinished poem.

Ahh ! just too lazy to finish it.

The dirty affair.

Little more is though never enough!


Picture Credits

Divyanshi is a Guest author at Soulgasm.

(Click here to read our first book “Mirrored Spaces” : A poetry and art anthology in English and Hindi with contributions from 22 artists)

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