To Quill the Mocking World


Ritu Poddar
(3 min read)


She stood in front of the mirror, as every day. While running her hands through her hair, trying to give that best bouncy look to her hair, she saw something that made her shake her head in disbelief. She switched on another tube light, and looked closely, her nose touching the mirror.

It was there.

Suddenly everything fell silent. All the sound dissolved in the air. Everything except that small thing that she just saw, became hazy. As if her eyes turned into a DSLR camera in auto focus mode.

She moved her eyes, looking into nowhere, and dragged herself to the chair and deposited herself.

She had never seen it coming, coming so soon.

“Am I turning old now? Not young anymore? Should I slow down now? “

She felt weak.

She knew that with whoever she shares her feeling, she would either be laughed at. “Chill, it happens!”, “oh come on, big deal!”, “I got it when I was in school…”

It was just a grey hair for everyone else, but for her, it was her first grey hair.


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A fan of Ruskin Bond, Ritu loves all things simple. Simple words, simple stories, simple poetry. A Technical Writer by profession, and a Writer by passion. She believes that if she stops writing, she will die.

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2 comments on “First

  1. Rohit Nag
    November 13, 2016

    Soooooo beautiful


  2. sonidivya
    November 20, 2016

    And the life changed. So true


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