To Quill the Mocking World


By Nikhil Menon

(3 min read)

As I stared into the cold abyss

Where the sun was far amiss

I longed for a comforting hand

But all I kept was searching in the dark


Lonely I felt, and deeply I wept,

Why? But Why?

Was the only question I asked


I then heard a chuckle,

Which I suppose was my own,

And then I realised,

I was reborn on my own


The mist parted,

And I saw myself,

Smiling as ever, playful as ever,

Back to the Golden days,

Is how I felt


Then the darkness came crashing down,

And as the sun broke its first light,

All I could do was keep a smile,

Because my home was just within a mile.


(Image credits: Nikhil Menon)

Nikhil is a guest author at Soulgasm

(Click here to read our first book “Mirrored Spaces” : A poetry and art anthology in English and Hindi with contributions from 22 artists)

One comment on “Reborn

  1. Shantanu Jain
    November 20, 2016

    beautiful work, Nikhil. so honest!


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