To Quill the Mocking World

For a better moment

By Anuragdasi Patel

(3 min read)


All aboard the ferry
Counting baggage and cases
Full of demons and thorns.
Numb moments and indifferent space
Like his eyes
Start to weigh heavy.
Resigning, as the baggage drowned
Not caring to keep track of the time
Mind keeps growling.
Easy to inspire
Are these vulnerable spirits
Bandages are coming off the seams.
Discovering familiar rants
Spaced out people frowning their brows
On a ferry troubled by past.
Afloat the vicissitudes
Hoping, if not for a better day,
Then for a better moment.
As the ocean’s mist clears
Searching eyes pardon the newness
Already embracing radical thoughts.

(Image credits)

Anuragdasi is a guest author at Soulgasm

(Click here to read our first book “Mirrored Spaces” : A poetry and art anthology in English and Hindi with contributions from 22 artists)

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