To Quill the Mocking World

Hide & Seek

By Priyanshi Mathur

(5 min read)

Two kids, they met once upon a time

Looked at each other and then smiled

“Best friends” people called them, they were inseparable

Days and nights together; it was worthy of a fable.


Their favourite game was hide and seek

Would play it often, or so it seemed;

He left clues, she would seek them out

He liked to hide, but she’d win every bout.


Years passed by, the kids grew up

Real life dawned upon them; it was rough.

The games continued, only more cryptic now

She still had to figure out where was he, and how.


This one time it so happened, it grew quite lonely

She felt frightened, and called him out slowly

“I can’t see you, are you around?”

No voice came back, she was darkness bound.


She survived that night, but was sadness prone

The next day she confronted him, “You left me alone!”

He said, “This is how I play this game, what can I say

If you don’t like it now, you can go away”


She knew it was stupid; he loved her too much

But he needed a lesson for sure, don’t tell him, hush!

“Alright, we won’t play anymore”, she stomped away

Secretly, she smiled to herself, seeing the trick play.


She took a corner next to a bush, waiting for him to come

He never showed up, the whole day was done.

Some more days passed, not a bird flew by,

She was starting to get jittery, it didn’t feel right.


She decided to check for herself, if he’d gotten lost

She had always been better in hide n seek, after all.

When she finally found him, his eyes looked distant

She felt strange, there was an absence of intent!


He explained how he now played a different game

Couldn’t be friends anymore, didn’t feel the same way.

Her eyes welled up, she couldn’t analyse

She could see him saying something, but felt paralysed.


She was confused, disappointed, angry and betrayed

Her world came down, tumbled and crashed away.

He was walking away now, getting farther every second

She wanted to stop him, didn’t expect this to end.


She gained back her senses, shouted his name

He had walked off too far, it was all in vain.

Months passed, he found new friends,

She still sat alone, missing her best friend.




The story doesn’t end there, unfortunately life does go on

The past few months have aged her, her feelings are now torn

She pretends to be normal, smiles excessively often

Her body language confused, her voice unnecessarily softened.


The unanswered questions haunt her, how could it be true

Her best friend had walked away, found friends anew

A fight is all it took, there had been many in the past

How? When? Why not… fundamental questions that’ll forever last.





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Priyanshi Mathur is a guest author at Soulgasm.


(Click here to read our first book “Mirrored Spaces” : A poetry and art anthology in English and Hindi with contributions from 22 artists)

6 comments on “Hide & Seek

  1. Shantanu Jain
    October 1, 2016

    Seeing a post finally by your name was indeed super exciting, Priyanshi. 🙂

    And, I read your poem once, then again, and then again!

    How could you portray this intense emotion of betrayal and abandonment so simply yet so beautifully!

    It’s beautiful. It’s very very beautiful!


  2. mriudulkhanduri
    October 2, 2016

    Emotions well crafted into words…engrossing..good


  3. Priyanshi Mathur
    October 2, 2016

    Thanks very much, Shantanu and Mridul!


    • Fab Writings
      October 11, 2016

      This was really beautiful!
      I love the way you play with words and evoke emotions in heart of the readers…
      Great job!


  4. Mani Mahesh Garg
    October 2, 2016

    So you are here finally :)) Excellent first post… Keep writing 😀


  5. Priyanshi Mathur
    October 2, 2016

    Thank you Mani! 🙂


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