To Quill the Mocking World


Anu Patel

(3 min read)


Where do I rest an anxiety,
Eating my insides
Slithering in my veins
Cowering my skin.

Restless is the rabid heart,
Pumping animated emotions
Reigning the mind
Claiming a hypomaniac.

The lover is a fool,
Deterring audacity
Crooning over a cause
Assuming it is already lost.

Perched is an Angel on an olive branch,
Enjoying the play of to-be or not-to-be
Gauging the energy of the anxiety
Aerifying silently.


Image credits

Anu Patel is a Guest Author at Soulgasm.

(Click here to read our first book “Mirrored Spaces” : A poetry and art anthology in English and Hindi with contributions from 22 artists)

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