To Quill the Mocking World


Arushi Mittal
(3 min read)

A gash there, a slash here

A stab right through the heart

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The Hoarder’s Disorder

Shruti Sharma
(7 min read)
The paraphernalia trapped inside my cupboard were living reminiscence of a life I once lived – The old Nokia phone’s cardboard box!

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A Heart Full of Sea

Chanda Lalwani
(4 min read)
…… Too heavy to go up to the eyes.
I waited for you to wipe them away.
But you never came.

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नैनों से कितना बरसेगा ये अम्बर

(3 मिनट)

नैनों से कितना बरसेगा ये अम्बर
डूब न जाये अपने ख्वाबों का घर

September 17, 2016 · 2 Comments

गली खत्रियान , अबुपुरा , मुज़फ्फरनगर

शांतनु जैन
(3 मिनट) खुला आँगन , खुले आँगन में पसरी धूप , एक कोने में ऐंठा – सा खड़ा हरे रंग का हैंडपंप, बाईं ओर से ऊपर जाने वाला चौड़ा जीना, उस चौड़े जीने की गहरी लाल सीढ़ियां और ….

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Anu Patel
(3 min read)
Where do I rest an anxiety,
Eating my insides
Slithering in my veins
Cowering my skin.

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Blank Pages

Aditi Mishra
(3 min read)

There is a collection of unused diaries and journals on my table.

Their beautiful covers make my eyes dance to the beats of mismatched frequencies

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Colourful Facade

Anuragdasi Patel
(2 min read)

Jude wears colors on her face
Like sky at a whimsy.

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Wash Me Away, Dear Rains!

Chanda Lalwani
(4 min read)

Push me to the ground so the bruises on my body

make me forget how my heart aches.

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Prashant Suman
(3 min read)

तब, जब अठ्न्नी में भी
दुकानदार टाफी दिया करता था,
हाँ, मेरी अमीरी का दौर था

September 3, 2016 · 1 Comment

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