To Quill the Mocking World


By Somya Tewari

(3 min read)


For the more you appear similar, the more difficult it is to trust you!
Its suspecting, how you dint grow dark with all that tarry luck rubbing on you,
How all that hammering did not carve you much pointy, or made you more blunt!
How you dint dirty your soul, how you escaped the filth!
Why is it that I don’t see your shoes filled with rubble, when you have been through dust storms?
It’s deceptive,
How I see no venom on your tongue when you must have fought serpents on the way,
and no blaze in your speech, as if no filthy dragons inhabit your spirit!
You-even nails, smooth diction, sugary manner, transparent soul!
Just as you were,
So similar. So constant.
It’s misleading, illusive!
Why I don’t feel any difference? Why you appear same?
How being broken down did not leave you a little ugly, or a little polished…
and basically a little less familiar?
How has the smog not rendered your windows opaque?
How has time failed to raise any contrast in you?
Why your story (whatever it is!) does not show in you?
This sameness, raises my doubts!

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Somya Tewari


Apart from having curly here, Somya is almost always utterly amused by common things. She is a – potty door – artist, a – last page of diary – scribbler, a – inside a crowded bus – reader. She is the writer you will find next door who loves how these next doors are so essential and primary to our existence. She loves questions more than answers, and variables more than constants. She writes to pull off what she can’t attain physically and if it makes sense to you, you’ve pulled it off too!

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