To Quill the Mocking World

बाज़ी किस्मत की

Poetry, Utkarsh Tripathi
(3 min read)

ना दे पाया लाल को अपने,
जो खिलौना गाड़ी मांगी थी।
क्या करता ज़मीन थी बंजर,
किस्मत ही साली बाग़ी थी।

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Bud and Franky – The Dinner Table Conversations Series: Post #2

Non-fiction, Surabhi Yadav
(3 min read)

Have you noticed, most of the inspiring speeches revolve around ‘changing the world’? Why don’t we hear great speeches about keeping the world intact?

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When the white page was winning…

Non-fiction, Sayantani Saha
(7 min read)

And to me, you are what god is to you. Hadn’t been you be the person you are, I would have never tasted love. The way god writes your story, you have written mine.

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To Bond, with Love

Poetry, Ritu Poddar
(3 min read)

Lady Bond- I call myself in secret, and smile
Be a writer like you, and make life worthwhile

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Happy Birthday, Soulgasm!

From being just an idea in a mind, Soulgasm is now a community – alive and kicking. And we have a lot of people to thank for it.

April 23, 2016 · 1 Comment


Ritu Poddar
(3 min read)

“If you don’t go to bed right away, Santa won’t come. He will give your gift to some other baby.”

April 23, 2016 · 2 Comments


Aditi Mishra
(3 min read)

We will bury them so deep
That even your dreams won’t reach

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Somya Tewari
(3 min read)

It’s deceptive,
How I see no venom on your tongue when you must have fought serpents on the way

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A Critical Review of a casual Sexist joke

Snehil Basoya
(5 min read)

Combination of mathematical enthusiasm and sexual desire is an exciting prospect. When combined with regret and narcissism, this prospect becomes highly effective for narcissistic readers.

April 23, 2016 · 2 Comments

Scale the peaks

Samarth Bharani
(5 min read)

If you haven’t experienced the vulnerability and the pulsing ache of love, you’ve neither scaled it’s peaks nor explored it’s depths.

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ये हौज़ खास

अमित सैनी
(3 मिनट)

ये किला लाल, ये फूल कमल का,
ये लुटयंस के बंगलो,
ये हुमायूं का मकबरा,
ये महरौली से जाती हुई सड़कें,

April 16, 2016 · 1 Comment

From School Dairy – आख़िरी पैगाम

Poetry, Mani Mahesh
(3 min read)

आज शाम फिर एक पैगाम लाई है
ये गुमनाम हवा किसी का नाम लाई है

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डायरी के पन्नो से (2)

Poetry, Shantanu Jain
3 min read

सीढ़ियों के पास-
उस बौराई पवन से –
आलिंगन की चाह में –
खुला मन और खुली बाहें –
एक कल्पना संजो रही थी !

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मेरा कर्म

By Abhishek Yadav
(3 min read)

हे प्रेम , मुझे कमजोर, रणछोड़क मत कहना ,
ह्रदय विदारक , भाव विनाशक मत समझना

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इक आदमी

(4 min read)

वो सोचे, सारे रिश्ते क़ैद कर लूँ
बंद कमरे में
जहाँ उसकी तरह सब साँस लें
गुज़रे हुए कल में

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The Romantic

By Aditi Mishra
(3 min read)

I like to romance the trees and watch them sway shamelessly enticing my thoughts and forcing me to fantasize as they undress slowly and boldly under the warm sun of the cold winters.

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फ़ॉर्मूलों पे ज़िन्दगी

By Ritu Poddar
(3 min read)

लोगो के पास हर चीज़ के फ़ॉर्मूले होते हैं,
पैसे बनाने के, पैसे बचाने के,
रिश्ते बनाने के, रिश्ते निभाने के.

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Samarth Bharani
(5 min read)

It’s something that unconsciously stores all my memories and, more importantly, the feelings I associate with them into its notes and words.

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डायरी के पन्नो से

शांतनु जैन
(3 मिनट)

वही खूबसूरत – सा डर –
वही खूबसूरत – सी दहशत –
फिर से महसूस करना चाहता हूँ !

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The Magistrate’s Defence

Krittika Adhikary
(3 min read)

Their leader was accused of sedition, incitement to rebellion, and insulting the local religion

April 2, 2016 · 1 Comment

माँ ….कभी-कभी सपनो में आ जाया कर

अतुल शुक्ला
(3 मिनट)

कैसे कहूँ कि बिन तेरे जीना कैसा है
कैसे कहूँ कि बिन तेरे घर का आलम कैसा है

April 2, 2016 · 6 Comments

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