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Women Empowerment!

By Sayantani Saha

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With “Women Empowerment” being the most talked about topic nowadays, believe me, in some way or the other, it pops out in almost all conversations. Be it with friends or family or acquaintances, there would be varieties of comments and takes on it, but the basic understanding about it still seems to be blurred among people. And that doesn’t have anything to do with either their educational status or intellect level. The basic problem, according to me, is the lack of ability to perceive that there is a thin line of difference between women empowerment and feminism. And understanding this doesn’t require examining things with a fine-tooth comb, but an attitude of matured and rational thinking. I really hope that readers would cut me some slack by the end of this article!!

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Gender Equality: Empowering women is not at all synonymous with enslaving men! But unfortunately this is something that is becoming its unwritten definition. Women empowerment, to me, is to be treated equally as men, not less or more. Be it home or a workplace. It means, having equal rights in taking any decision in life without giving the tag of “superior being” to either of the sexes. It means, sharing the expenses of the house with your spouse and coining the phrase “man & woman of the house”, thrashing the old “man of the house” saying. Drinking alcohol or smoking doesn’t make us equal to men. Neither wearing short clothes empower us or signifies freedom. Do smoke and drink if you like it and that should be the sole reason. Discontinue if you do not enjoy it. That’s it! If someone says, “Do not drink because you are a woman”, slap him hard. But respect someone’s advice and rethink, if someone comes up to you and says, “Do not drink so much because it’s bad for your health, as much as it is for any other man”. I wear shorts too, but just because I like it and I am comfortable in it. And if someone looks at me, I do not always think that he/she is ogling at me; it’s “deviation from normalcy” that attracts their attention. That will happen even if I am completely covered but oddly dressed and made up.

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Not to Lose the Uniqueness of Being a Woman: But still, we are women and we are unique. We are made differently, be it physically, physiologically or psychologically. The creator has made us different from men with a purpose and we need to respect that too. We cannot do many things that men can do, just because our body or emotions do not support them. It’s more of “cannot do them” rather than “should not do them”. And there is no harm in accepting this fact. Even men cannot do gallons of things that we do with elan. I mean just think how it would sound like, if they start feeling low and outrageous because they can’t get pregnant!! Weird right! Neither we should refrain ourselves from understanding our supreme power nor we should forget that we have a soft heart with full of emotions; emotions of a girl, a daughter, a sister, a wife and a mother. Whatever and however much we achieve, facts will remain facts.

Women empowerment is more of a feeling than a phenomenon. As human reactions and feelings cannot be generalized, so the very understanding and the feeling related to women empowerment varies from person to person. But there are certain common grounds too, that can’t be ignored. But I am sure, something that every woman feels, is that, it is a celebration of womanhood.



Sayantani Saha

Her academic profession provides her with a living but her passion for writing feeds her soul. An experimentalist in both the worlds – engineering research and writing articles – she is a fanatic for love but proud to be emotionally intelligent as well. She is a coffee-addict, sapio-sexual, movie buff, and a true Bong who specializes in night-outs. Shopping and Sayantani are first cousins. Philosophical discussions drive her forward and the emotional outbursts let the ink flow.

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