To Quill the Mocking World

Sagleo Series: 1

By Ratika Sablania

Sag: Goodnite
Leo: If you are actually asleep how to know if it is good or bad?
Sag: I am an optimist. If I live, night was good. If not, at least my last words were!
Leo: I am existentialist. If night is good, I would rather stay awake.

Ratika 2

Alas one does not always have the luxury of being with a Sag, given its nature, to ponder about the meaning of night, day or life for that matter.

And hence I say, amongst other things, life is like a cigarette.

This is not a sequel to things like people are beer, but still I say, life is a cigarette.

First you need to light a cig to be really able to enjoy it. Saving it for weekend for just flaunting the casing around would not serve any purpose.

And then there are few who would waste all the time wondering about pros or cons of lighting that only cig and then but of course there are the passive smokers. Once on, a cig gives you a fixed time window to smoke it. You can choose to time your puffs, their dose and frequency, but the time window remains constant. Now some people, who would have only one cigarette, would bother to make the most out of it, taking puff after puff till it leads to headache.

Another one would take his time to inhale, exhale, to get the hit and ponder over that idea in his head. Meanwhile there goes another few precious millimeters of that slender beauty.

Herein lies the lesson; it is about how many puffs you take, or how well you enjoy each puff. I think I know what the Sag would think here.

P.S: Smoking is injurious to health. So/Such is life.


———Ratika Assorted—-

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