To Quill the Mocking World

क्या है ये शाम

By Satvik Dudeja.

हर बार की कहानी तेरी, इतवार की शाम

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By Somya Tewari.

And when they met they scratched each other all the time.
With love, lust, craving, desire.
Feasting on each other like polar bears after long nights of starvation.

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Shattered Dreams

By Jane Roe.

How does a child who hasn’t ever been loved, understand love? How does a girl who doesn’t understand that she’s broken, understand that love can fix broken things?

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Jack and Jill Part-5: On Totality and Mediocrity

By Snehil Basoya.

People are passionate because they need to fulfill an incomplete void from their past or their own personality.

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In conversation with myself

By Ankur Gupta.

If things go against your expectations, you become sad. If someone does anything against your wishes, you become angry.

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Broken Promises

By Samarth Bharani.

I woke up today and promised myself that I’m not going to write about you.


Today, I thought I’d write about the stars.

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By Shantanu Jain.

आज मेरी नींद ने ….

चुपचाप …

आसमान की काली चादर से

एक तारे को तोड़ा –

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Unravelling the enigma!

By Neeraj Kalra

Few mysteries in people take an earthly lifetime to uncover, a few unfurl themselves slowly and a handful of mysteries are too tipsy to flare out smoothly.

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Melting away with the sun

By Chanda Lalwani

She ran down the stairs,
Ran the whole way,
Saying things in her head
That to him she would say.

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‘दो आँखें’

By Somya Tewari

बाँई में आ गिरा था जब कुछ, दाँयी ने आँख चुराई थी.
दाँयी को मिर्ची लगने पर फिर, बाँई ने खूब खिल्ली उड़ाई थी.

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The Non Possibility

By Jane Roe

But he knew every muscle of her face so well, he could tell from the mere angle of her head and the set of her mouth what mood she was in. He rarely knew the reasons, but he knew the moods well.

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The Elephant Celebes

By Prasant Kumar

Below the review of The Elephant Celebes –an epitome of Surrealist paintings is given verbatim. It fetched the highest marks in a course on Visual Communication and Judgment of Art

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By Sahar D’souza

Why all things positive are generally beautiful? Because the universe and society said so! Typically disagreeing, Anger is a beautiful emotion in my opinion.

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Sleeping Beauty

By Ipshita Saha

Ashen .I called her ‘Ashy’. She was as white as the sheet that enveloped her. Maybe fairer. Just like me.

She didn’t see me yet. Her tiny little eyes tightly shut. My sleeping beauty.

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A Letter to my Ex

By Samarth Bharani

We all have that one person we can’t get over, no matter how much we try. People told me to write letters, saying that putting my feelings down into words will help me better understand the turmoil in my heart. This is my letter.

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By Somya Tewari.

Getting close to someone! We all have done that, or at least tried that, or at least believed that we tried it. We like crossing personal boundaries. We like to attain the forbidden.

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ज़िन्दगी के ताने बाने (३/३)

By Shantanu Jain.

किसी के लिए ज़िन्दगी शुरू से आखिर तक एक कोरा कागज़ ही रहती है जिसे किसी लिपि से सजाने का , किसी रंग से भरने का वह “कोई” बहुत मशक्कत करता है और अंत में ज़िन्दगी के सामने घुटने टेक देता है ।

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So, when are you going to get married?

By Samarth Bharani.

In that single line, Austen set the tone for the entire story. She tells us about how society expects any successful man to truly have his life together only when he is married.

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My Silk Route

By Mani Mahesh Garg.

Nakedness and wisdom lived its time

Between our whispers

And life got a new facet

In our conversations.

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By Bholanath Bandyopadhyay.

Sitting in the half pants, in the sweaty afternoon, Rohit wondered what he would wish to become. At five years of age no one gave a serious thought to it.

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By Prasant Kumar.

Once born, city breathes on its own. It is like a sapling. First it needs tender diligent care in early years but later on when fully grown it nurtures itself and its symbiotic denizens solicitously.

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Jack and Jill – 4: Rules of EMI

By Snehil Basoya

Jack: Kind of. We are a utopian couple, devoid of love and fear.

Jill: We feel sex is overhyped, and is the cause behind all unrest in humanity.

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A book in 10 Paragraphs: Love in the time of cholera

By Ratika Sablania

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The Woods Not-So-Lovely, Dark, and Deep

By Chanda Lalwani

What we don’t know is of the freedom below,

Of falling from that edge, of wings that we’ll grow.

July 4, 2015 · 2 Comments

Open doors

By Charu Mehta

now filled with fragrance
of wet, withered flowers.

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By Surabhi Yadav

There is I

There is you

The lost is ‘We’

and so is the glee

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Why I need Feminism

By Samarth Bharani

Several times during conversations about feminism, as a man, I’ve felt suspiciously out of place, not knowing what I could say and what I should stay away from.

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ज़िन्दगी के ताने बाने (2/3)

By Shantanu Jain

कितनी अजीब है ये ज़िन्दगी – कब किस के लिए जीना शुरू कर देती है और कब किसको भुला देती है – कोई नहीं जान पाता !

July 4, 2015 · 2 Comments

The Test

By Ipshita Saha

A triangular wave pulse on a string with a tension F is moving in the positive x direction with a velocity…..

July 4, 2015 · 1 Comment

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